Solid Movement

for dance, sensor suite and interactive electronics

[ 2005 ]

A contrasting multi- layered performance of passive and active interactivity. The performance consists of a live solo dancer with a sensor-suite, a projected video and live-electronics in a quadraphonic setup.

The sound of the performance is generated by synthesis models controlled by the dancer’s sensor-suite. This sensor-suite monitors her movements, such as the acceleration of her legs and the bending of her finger. The control structure of this suite is set up in such a way that the dancer not plays the music, but in effect conducts the direction of the music in a subtle and flexible relation, distinctive to a live performance.






Ronald Boersen - concept, design and live-electronics

Dreda Blow - dance and choreography

Sanne Mulder - video

screenshot of the projection

Wireless Sensor Suite for the dancer, incl. accelerometers, tilt sensors, bend sensors and others




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