Agnostics and Atheists

for ensemble, voice and live-electronics

[ 2010 ]

When one night I lost my temper, I went insane and in a fit of rage destroyed my entire collection of records. After this unfortunate event I found myself sitting on the floor amidst my shattered LP's looking for my favorite songs, listening to a broken funk record. This piece is a recollection of four songs I used to be particularly attached to and what remained of them after this woeful outburst of indignation.


[written for the New Europeam Ensemble (2009-2010)]

Christian Karlsen, conductor
Carina Vinke, voice
Rada Ovcharova, violin
Emlyn Stam, viola
Willem Stam, cello
Jacob Kellermann, guitar
Joakim Lundström, mandolin
James Meldrum, clarinet
Ryanne Hofman, bass clarinet
Ronald Boersen, live-electronics







"THE ONE WHO COULD and then you came along"

for ensemble



"My pen is true if you have danced inside your world"

for voice and live-electronics

I prayed that's the people
Shall I come truth no more
I've got no one

No on lamp
Kissed to look the spirit the floor
I only lost a wonderful world.

It's the only let me kisses too
Like this

(by: Reconstructive Collective Memory Machine, 2010)



"a word in your eye"

for ensemble



"You get out in blue" 

for voice, viola and live-electronics

Is it a kind of dream,
Floating out on me all of the heart
Turn around bright eyes,
Every now and then I know there's so many times, easily

And in the rain
You know, I need your sweet love to ease all the joy you bring
But what it is, is something true
Made up of these three words that burn me
Lovers never ask you over again

Put on a fence
I said "oh well, I got a full tank of gas with the top rolled down"
There's a calm surrender to the end,
That's what I might say

You only tell me Perhaps perhaps perhaps
If you don't care,
help me,
set me free
Unchain my heart,
my achy breaky heart,

I just wanna love you
I just called to say I love you as my sweet heart.
Act one was when I look at other girls
Sometimes you're crazy then you wonder why
I'm such a baby and swaddled in bliss
And I'm sorry if it was I that caused you pain
Oh well, sometimes it be a man of good faith.

(by: Reconstructive Collective Memory Machine, 2010)




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